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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-03-06 00:53:51
Duplicate!: Skip has one of the lowest records for duplicates of all the posters on Pixdaus. Why don't you go after the posters whose pics mostly consist of reposts instead of making such a godawful dingbat ruckus over this picture! Why should Skip apologize to Starboardside? We ALL post duplicates from time to time, but the difference between Skip and those who post MANY duplicates EVERY DAY is that in Skip's case it is an honest mistake whereas with those certain others it is the case of not caring a damn and shopping for their pics on Pixdaus instead of doing searches on other photosites. So butt out, Duplicate! and go bother those posters who deserve to be bothered!
2009-03-05 22:01:46
I'm not a dude, but I know you said that to be rude dude!! I was not loud in my first comment I said I did not believe it was a repost,, and that was the truth, for your info there are other pics on here today by other posters, that I have posted before, and I'm not going on their pics screaming about it,,, you are the one who seems to enjoy doing that. and as far as apologizing to starboardside, I do, just because he is a nice person, but I'm sure he's probably posted some of the same pics as me before too,,, and also for your info,,, my search button does not work, the only thing that works for me is to press the word bridge if it's on a tag,,,You could have put the link up to begin with, and I would not have been bothered, but you have no right to be writing on my tags,,, so once again I will be writing pixdaus, I don't have time now, see ya.
2009-03-05 21:53:47
PLEASE! People! Let's not start yet another WAR here! If this is indeed a repost please put the corresponding link in the comment section NOT in the tag line - where it only makes it harder to search for a duplicate in the first place.
2009-03-05 21:51:34
Listen, dude: it seemed like you think I am also someone else. I am not! And I am not the only one who add "repost" at tags. You get loud in your first comment here. Not me. YOU should first look if "your" picture was uploaded before. Not me. YOU should apologize to starboardside that you upload his pic instead to open your mouth as if it was you who was the original poster. You "don't believe this is a repost" but it is. You want "atleast some people include a link to prove it". I did. So what do you want?
2009-03-05 21:18:46
Then if you had that information why didn't you provide it at first instead of just writing on my tags and many other peoples tags,, and dont tell me you will write on my pics so much I will upload duplicates and to shut my mouth! and then try and sound innocent("I don't know what your talking about I don't post any pics") please, you have been posting here and causing trouble here for as long as I have been here.
2009-03-05 20:52:02
I don't know what you are talking about. I don't post any pics. This "Bridge" was first uploaded by starboardside and not by you. Again: it helps to use the tag-search. There is no need to "go through all the pics on this place, from past times". Write to Pixdaus if you like.
2009-03-05 20:46:43
you have posted many repeats yourself as everyone knows you cant go through all the pics on this place, from past times,,,,but I will still write to pixdaus about your new hobby,,and don't tell me to close my mouth your fat mouth is flapping here everyday!!
2009-03-05 20:45:36
Do whatever you want! But I was right! And you not! Who is cbg?
2009-03-05 20:42:58
ok and I will go write on your pics cbg
2009-03-05 20:36:29
btw: it helps to search with tags like "Red Bridge"!!
2009-03-05 20:18:08
I don't believe this is a repost, this bridge may be similar in the photographic style, of others posted. Lots of pics here are reposts and lately every one seems to be pointing it out, and it makes sense when it was just posted the same day or in recent times, but atleast some people include a link to prove it,, YOU DON"T CARE IF IT"S REALLY A REPOST OR NOT YOU JUST WAN"T TO KNOCK DOWN OTHER PEOPLES PICS but I told you troublemaker. if you wrote on my pics again I would write to pixdaus about it and now I will thanks.