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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2009-03-04 13:43:56
harsh much, didn't your mother every teach that if you dont have anythin nice to say, to keep ur mouth shut? Cool a boxer can beat an aikido-ist no need to be a dick and i dun know sounds to me like ur leaving info out of this story about the black belt instructor and everyone knows its about brazilian jiu jitsu
2009-03-03 19:31:44
OK this is just pure crap. You know why you never see Akido mentioned in any UFC guys background? Cause it's dance moves and tumbling! We have a Black Belt Akido instructor who is 6'2" and 200+ that shows up at our Judo club and get's his ass handed to him by my 125# daughter. ( He can't even handle the other big guy there that's a green belt. Karate is a freakin joke - any decent boxer can beat the best karate guy and Akido is a tenth of the value of karate.