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Posted By:Kees

Old Comments:

2009-02-25 08:51:48
isn't that beautiful?
2009-02-25 05:56:42
I found this interesting, maybe some of you will as well(taken from Wikipedia-Recapitulation theory): Generally, if a structure pre-dates another structure in evolutionary terms, then it also appears earlier than the other in the embryo. Species which have an evolutionary relationship typically share the early stages of embryonic development and differ in later stages. Examples include: * The backbone, the common structure among all vertebrates such as fish, reptiles and mammals, appears as one of the earliest structures laid out in all vertebrate embryos. * The cerebrum in humans, the most sophisticated part of the brain, develops last. If a structure vanished in an evolutionary sequence, then one can often observe a corresponding structure appearing at one stage during embryonic development, only to disappear or become modified in a later stage. Examples include: * Whales, which have evolved from land mammals, don't have legs, but tiny remnant leg bones lie buried deep in their bodies. During embryonic development, leg extremities first occur, then recede. Similarly, whale embryos have hair at one stage (like all mammalian embryos), but lose most of it later. * The common ancestor of humans and monkeys had a tail, and human embryos also have a tail at one point; it later recedes to form the coccyx.
2009-02-25 04:30:08
Amazing that all fish, reptile, and mammal (including human) embryos look the same at around 20-30 days. :D
2009-02-25 04:30:07
The first picture are great, the three last ones... ok, they are DIFFERENT! ;-)
2009-02-25 02:53:33
Great photo kees!