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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-02-21 22:51:40
If only everyone were as sensible as you... ;-)
2009-02-21 12:32:11
I personally don't care how many versions of this picture exist.It never ceases to amaze me how it was created :no sky cranes, no sructural engineers nothing that we in the modern world would deem necessary to accomplish such a feat.The labour involved was immense not to mention how many people probably perished during it's construction.Just enjoy the miriad views on this site and hey if you come across a duplicate skip over it!
2009-02-21 05:51:36
Please buy my book "How to make enemies at Pixdaus", it came out in 2008, published by Random House, ISBN 2728546. Or, you can get it direct from me: Poppy F. McTavish, 18 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2009-02-21 05:42:25
More to the point, rtsETC: Start posting yourself and then let us see how well YOU do. Oh, pardon me, you already might be posting and just want to attack a fellow poster...
2009-02-21 04:59:49
Fact: Neuschwanstein Castle happens to be the best-known and most photographed castle in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that here on Pixdaus we've had hundreds of photos of that castle taken from various angles. Who is the genius who can keep track of all that? No one. rtsjhurjastrj: Take a vacation! because there will most certainly be more reposts of this castle...