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2009-02-03 11:21:46 old eyes ain't what they used to be, and N and M are right next to each other on the keyboard.....and in response to Mock26's comment.....the War Between the States ( as my grandparents called what yankees call the Civil War) was generally characterized by a decent respect for civilians and non-combatants on both sides...the sole exception to that was General Sherman..whether he was a great general or not I'll leave for others to debate and decide...but he was indubitably a cold-blooded sonofabitch who left women, old folks and children without food or shelter in the wake of his plundering army....there is no excuse for what he did.
2009-02-03 10:31:23
William Tecu M seh Sherman. I saw it earlier but left it for someone else to point it out. Well Some, One and Else let me down.
2009-02-03 10:20:39
What was acceptable in war then is vastly different than what is acceptable now. He was still a great general.
2009-02-03 09:32:05
Maybe the named the 'Sherman Tank' after him. Tanks run roughshod over everything ;-)
2009-02-03 05:41:36
General William Tecunseh grandmother considered this man just about as wicked as the devil himself..and in fact, if any general in any modern army were to conduct a campaign against a civilian population as ruthless as Sherman's he would be universally condemned in the civilized world as a savage and ruthless barbarian.