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Posted By:nalogowiec

Old Comments:

2009-01-29 01:32:35 just the tip of the ice burg for this empty soul... patilto , just sayin... everyone knows your intelligences & whit...we all know from time to time and ignorant fool troll has to be a nuisance to all.. Why , I don't person...Pathetic..waste of air & space....
2009-01-28 07:31:53
Sorry little bitty buddy....there is nothing in my mind as foul and disgusting as you and your mind...people who read my comments have a pretty good idea about who I am and what kind of person I am..and when we read your comments we know all we need to know about you...
2009-01-28 04:19:37
You are a child, and you are locked in the disgusting celler of your own repulsive,twisted little mind..
2009-01-28 03:12:04
Pathetic..just pathetic...who ever you are you will have to live your whole life knowing that you are a gutless coward...
2009-01-27 22:08:45
There used to be a guy from out on the West Coast who signed himself Just Sayin'...his comments were usualy fairly witty, and nearly always reasonable, and sometimes brilliant..the above comments was NOT posted by the old Just Sayin, but by a troll who stole his name and posted some pretty disgusting stuff using it..haven't heard from the old Just Sayin' in a while, but the creepy little name-stealing troll is apperently still with us....
2009-01-27 17:52:09
this is what I found about this picture: "Migrants rest wrapped in blankets after arriving at Los Cristianos port on Spain's Canary Island of Tenerife early September 30, 2008. Some 229 would-be immigrants were rescued by Spanish rescue workers after being intercepted aboard a fishing boat adrift some 60 miles (96.5 km) offshore on their way to European soil from Africa, according to authorities."
2009-01-27 13:49:12
Since they are niggers... probably a rape or someone else working. Possibly Big Mama's House.
2009-01-27 12:35:19
What are they watching?