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Posted By:aliranjbar

Old Comments:

2009-01-21 11:07:43
Oh. A sculpture by God - with either a snow seal or a snow dog on the very top! (Wow. You can see it, too, right? or am I imagining things?)
2009-01-21 03:08:37
LOL! Looks like peman is losing control!! ;-) P.S.: ok, that's me now! You have to click on my name to check it! (Otherwise this comment will look very stupid...) :o)
2009-01-20 14:56:08
(OK mental patients.) ali jan slam dadash in OK ravani hast khotat ra narahat nkon dadash ma ke hal kardim ta aksot didam in besharaf az asm man ham astfadh mikoni nmidonam chjori in kar ra mikonh hata bgai man aks ham frstad kholaseh hamh az dastesh shaki hastand aslan velesh kon man khodam nokaretam baz barai ma akes bfrest.
2009-01-19 18:45:02
This is a 'striped' iceberg in Antarctica.
2009-01-19 18:28:40
I wasn't kidding about that split personality. He even answers his shadow ;-)