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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2009-03-01 17:06:26
Very nice, now try that again in English.
2009-03-01 11:48:05
That is one hottie I say.
2009-01-19 23:26:28
You'll be surprised to learn that this picture was taken way out in West Texas. This little lady's name is Willie Mae Winkenwirder and her daddy, John Bob Winkenwirder, inherited a quarter section of sorry old brush land from his borther , Jim Bob, who got killed on a offshore service boat at Morgan City when a load of drill stems fell on him. Jim Bob hadn't got mnarried or had any kids so John Bob wound up with that propity, and thang is, they found nach'ral gas out there a few years back, and John Bob's got so much money now from the lease that he flatass don't know what to do with it. Well, his little girl had been watchin' them surfers on the teevee and wonted to learn how. So John Bob had one of them swimmin' pools with a wave generator in it built out back of their house, 'bout halfway bewteen Midland and Lamesa. And you know what? Danged if Willie Mae didn't git real good at it..I mean, hell, she'd been barrel racin' since she was about nine, so she had a purty good sense of balance. She wants to go out to California or Hiwaya and do it in the real ocean but John Bob won't let her. "I ain't lettin' Wille Mae get nowhur near that goddam salt water," he says."There's shit out there that'll eat your ass!"
2009-01-19 22:26:07
Who is this woman? is she famous in the surfing world?