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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2009-01-19 04:36:33
I want to know what the 'carbon footprint' is for this type of Greenpeace operation, including the chopper needed to take the photo at this angle. They mean well, but they are kind of pointless all the same.
2009-01-16 10:41:24
Greenpeace - courtesy of Canada Wheel of Fortune - courtesy of Canada ;-)
2009-01-16 03:20:13
Although people may disagree on what are the ultimate solutions to problems like these, people can at least choose to be informed consumers. I worked for Whole Foods corporate for 5 years, and that was one of their big mission statements - to inform the consumer. I don't think that "truth in advertising" would fix everything, but it would go a long way towards altering consumption patterns for the better. Elimination of subsidies would also be beneficial to everyone except certain large farming concerns and their lobbyists (e.g., Google corn or soy subsidies). OK, I'll get off my soapbox. However, I do believe that groups like Greenpeace, PETA, etc. can have a valid place in our society as long as they can avoid the self-righteous, elite smugness that many of these types of groups seem to cultivate (it's hard to take advice from a group or individual who is too quick to tell you you're an idiot or a murderer or whatnot).
2009-01-16 01:25:07
Yeah, but the pirates don't care.. illegal fishing could be stopped if consumers would refuse to buy the products, but that's not likely to happen..most people don't care where that fish came from, as long as it's reasonably fresh and reasonably cheap...there are plenty of restaurants that assure their customers that the sea bass ( Patagonian tooth fish ) they serve are strictly legal and within quotas, when in fact they have no idea where it came from, and in most cases don't really care...the only sure way to protect the world's fisheries from being exploited to the point of collapse is meaningful international agreement and strict on-site enforcement...and I'd be surprised to see that in my's more likely that over-fishing wil continue to the point of total depletion the way..did you hear about the pirate who got on Wheel of Fortune? He didn't win much 'cause the only letter he could ask for was "arrrrhhh" !
2009-01-16 01:11:19
Arrr! So if yer bein' a pirate in these here waters, yer tradin' away the very life o' Davy Jones locker! Arr, me mateys! On another note, shouldn't the sign be facing towards the ocean? Isn't that where the "pirates" ply their trade?
2009-01-15 22:02:32
I agree with Potato and Papaluv!
2009-01-15 21:56:44
My 100% support for that statement Potato!
2009-01-15 21:31:13
In response to the first comment, those guys are just hanging a temporary sign, not painting anything permanent on the rock..the second comment is too ignorant and uninformed to be worthy of a response.
2009-01-15 14:02:31
Greenpeace "activists" are just dumbshits looking for attention.
2009-01-15 12:20:03
Greenpeace are not gonna win support by defacing nature.