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Posted By:jancio

Old Comments:

2009-01-22 02:24:28
In 2 words: it can be normal as well as abnormal. It depends, among others, in which region we are. But here, given for example the road-lines, road-sign in the distance, Ö well yes, I find it unusual. After all, it doesnít look like the Camargue (France), the prairies, and so on. I also think itís a manipulated photo (photoshop or on another way, which for this last, I more beleive).
2009-01-17 02:36:00
I really don't understand what the big deal's just a large horse galloping down a small that such a strange or unusual sight ?
2009-01-17 01:16:38
Of course itís not a pleasant idea if you like the picture. But in fact, if you face it out, thatís not a problem: the horse doesnít any longer fly, but still does run. And well quite alone.
2009-01-17 00:45:31
Photoshopped? Man you guys really over think a lot of this stuff.
2009-01-17 00:25:52
Thatís the first reason why I also think itís so. The second one is that one can see that the horse picture on itself has been enlarged. The proportion to the landscape Ė background is all right, but (again) around the feet we can perceive vague traces of it in the form of waves.
2009-01-16 22:48:27
It may or may not be 'shopped..I'm not an expert like so many of you guys of the first uses to which multiple image photography was put was to settle the age-old argument over whether or not all four feet of a horse leave the ground at the same time at a gallop..they do.
2009-01-16 20:48:29
Flying horses doesnít exist. Only flying photoshopping does
2009-01-14 05:09:00
Wow a flying horse, i want one of them magicial, pure magic- yes it is lol lol lol, wow what a photo!!!