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Posted By:aliranjbar

Old Comments:

2008-12-29 21:46:06
No wonder you like it... it's by Yann Arthus-Bertrand! Eibar posted it yesterday, so perhaps that is the reason some people have downvoted. It has been around a few times, but I'd rather see it a hundred times than a bad pic once. ;-)
2008-12-29 21:18:39
Kidding aside, this is a great has to seriously wonder about the aesthetic sensibilities ( or lack thereof ) of the persons who downvoted it..just incomprehensible that anyone could dislike it that strongly..
2008-12-29 20:50:54
Babaganoosh..shanana ramalama dingdong bebopalula..
2008-12-29 17:07:10
Ali jan harjai ke hasti ma dostet darim. Aksat ke mebenm shad mishavam. ma mokhles ironiya hastem.
2008-12-29 16:10:44
agha jan man iran nistam... australia zendegi mikonam
2008-12-29 15:49:40
علی جان عکس از ایران نداری؟ما که هرچی به فرهاد میگم عکس نفرستاده تو چند تا عکس برای ما بفرست ما نوکرتیم ----- (Ma dosted darim ali agha)