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Posted By:koenig

Old Comments:

2008-12-26 05:43:59
Old guy goes to the examines him, does some tests...calls him into the office and says "Well,l have some bad news for have cancer, and you also have Alzheimer's.." Old guy says "Oh, thank God..I thought you were gonna tell me I had cancer!"
2008-12-26 05:41:36
My mother-in-law had it...she went from being an insuferable old bat to a sweet little old lady, and I actually got to where I kinda liked her..
2008-12-26 04:30:40
My Grandma has it and my Dad says the best part of the disease is that she gets to meet new people everyday.
2008-12-26 04:21:37
this joke is not funny. alzheimer patients are poor people. if you had one in your family you would stop making jokes about them...
2008-12-25 21:30:55
Thanks! Now go hide your own easter eggs. ;op