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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-12-22 23:03:43
Great picture, jchip8!
2008-12-22 23:00:12
The downvoting is now getting so bad that soon all the 'better' posters will be gone and then the viewers can look at the postcards and wallpapers and porn and holiday snapshots to their hearts' content. Why is it so difficult to scroll past a picture that you don't like? If it is something that offends your sensibilities or quarrels with your morals, fine, downvote, but more and more of the GOOD photos are being voted down all the time! It sure as hell does not give some of us too much incentive to look for great pictures (AND IT IS THE LOOKING THAT TAKES THE TIME, NOT THE POSTING!!) when as soon as the pics are posted they are hit with multiple negative votes. If you want the standard of the pictures down, keep voting the good ones down, by all means.... and soon Pixdaus is going to be another mediocre site among zillions of others like it!
2008-12-22 22:45:55
This photo is so superior to the general run of boring, sentimental, touristy postcard crap that has begun to characterize this site that it's hard for me to believe anyone with more than an iota of taste could find it objectionable enough to downvote it. But, if you actually voted it down for the reasons you state, and didn't just downvote it reflexively, I'll retract my first comment and apologize. But I think you're badly mistaken. The content of this photo far overrides any technical or compositional flaws it might have.
2008-12-22 22:13:19
Well, I voted it down because I don't like the composition of the photo, the subject matter or how it is placed into the "frame" of the picture. I just don't like it.
2008-12-22 22:03:48
What in the hell is wrong with this picture, you goddamn down-votin' moron sonofabitch? Behave out in the real world like you do here and one of these days somebody's gonna kick your sorry little ass real good and proper ! Great photo, J Chipper..!!!