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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-12-06 18:09:58
Hi yomamma! What I meant by using the term 'homely', is 'comfortable in the home, skilled in housekeeping and tender loving care.' Not its 'primitive,' 'plain' connotations.
2008-12-06 18:01:30
A beautiful female she is 66666665. But it is definitely Photoshopped, or retouched. As an ex-advertising retouching artist, I know the signs, as indicated above. With the retouching, it looks to be pre-digital photography. Even the steam coming from the mug is 'created.' From the physics level and the amount of steam coming from the mug, it would be too hot for her to hold in the palm of her hand.
2008-12-06 17:57:47
"homely" means "ugly". I don't think that's what you meant. :^)
2008-12-06 04:42:55
i don't think it's p-shopping--just the lighting and exposure. my girlfriend forgive me, but i'd sit with her and have a coffee in a SECOND
2008-12-06 01:18:24
I have just noticed some strong Photoshopping has been done - inside her left forearm, the mug highlights, some work on her face and the eyebrows and hair on her right. But it's fine!
2008-12-06 01:12:23
Homely! She radiates a pleasing disposition.