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Posted By:vxs989

Old Comments:

2008-12-19 06:36:56
I can't imagine that this is a genuine photo of a bear being a wee bit pee-peed off. If it is it's brilliant. I have checked out the pixelation at 1600 x and it appears to be genuine. Although I am a little curious about the marks on its bum, which seem to be man-made.
2008-12-04 06:38:55
2008-12-04 05:22:35
All the search parties ever found of famous European wildlife photographer Vilgetza Schnapschotz, who disappeared last summer in a remote part of Alaska, were a few shreds of clothing, one shoe, his glasses, and the remains of his camera. Although the camera was badly damaged investgators were able to develop the film and discovered this telling photograph, the last exposure on the roll. Schnapschotz's wife revealed subsequently that prior to his last outing he had been suffering from depresion and it was learned that he had mentioned suicide several times in conversations with colleagues.One of his old friends, who wished not to be named, remarked 'Old Villie is a bear turd now. I tink dat's the vay he vanted it !"