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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-12-15 02:30:31're Explode..I get talk about democracy and freedom of speech...yet you are not fit for either because you have no traditons of democracy or freedom..that's why you and your people are still ruled by kings, tyrants and dictators and always will aren't fit to rule yourselves..
2009-12-15 02:08:43
Well, let's put it this way... I've been very busy... Look around and see how busy... Just came to say hello, for you, and poppy. Poppy already knows, I think. At least she should. If you don't want to ask me, then ask her... She knows :) I'll be around, somewhere, you never know where... I'll be near... And I won't give up. Patito; welcome to my nightmare. Sweet dreams!
2009-12-15 02:00:39
That's because you're a pig..all a pig has to do all day is root around in the dirt ...all you have to do is hang around here and make a fool of yourself..your father was a pig..your mother was a're descended from a long line of pigs...Oink Oink !
2009-12-15 01:57:23
Patito, I won't rest. I won't give up.
2009-12-15 01:40:53
Sweet dreams, patito...
2009-12-15 01:39:19
Do you wonder where all the pictures have gone...? Why don't you just ask me...? I never joke, you should know that by now already.
2009-12-15 01:35:35
You're a joke
2009-12-15 01:31:39
Oh, I DO enjoy my time....every hiour of every day, despite the best efforts of little asswipe cocksuckers like you...
2009-12-15 01:23:46
Patito, I'm not a trouble maker... I'm your worst nightmare...
2009-12-15 01:19:22
Enjoy your time patito...
2009-12-15 01:11:52
'Hellraiser" is a just another creepy little troll who has posted NO photos..just another attempt to scare people....don't give the little snot-sucking bilge rats the satisfaction...
2009-12-15 01:06:03
PictureGirl, you should REALLY worry about this copyright thing... Now it's just a matter of time.
2009-12-15 00:45:59
You, Coppyrat, are NOTHING other than a come here to look at photos just like everyone else, then foul the nest with your tactics and comments. And by the way, learn how to write and spell the English language...that way your comments will make you appear somewhat less of an idiot.
2009-12-15 00:41:44
People claiming for threir rights are not trolls. If one photographer is delighted finding his photo here doesn't mean that all the others also are. They are not happy at all, beleave me.
2009-12-14 23:46:04
Under the photo of the red deer stag just above there's a comment by a photographer that the people worried about copyrights should read. The fellow says he not only likes seeing his photos posted here but that it makes him proud. I suspect a lot of photographers feel that way and especially so if the poster takes the time and effort to include the photographers' names. It's exposure...their work is seen and admired.. as they used to say in show buisness, there's no such thing as bad publicity...unless you're in politics or golf. This entire dustup over copyrghts was nothing more than an attack by jealous, mean-spirited and talentless trolls who would like to destroy this website, or short of that cause as much trouble as possible by stampeding the faint of heart. Here's what Kipling said when someone suggested he might have used a line from someone else's poem.. "When Homer smote his bloomin' lyre, he'd heard men sing by land and sea. And what he needed for his song, He went and took, the same as me."
2009-12-14 22:20:00
Publishing the photographers name dosn't give you rights to post pics without the owners permission. You are still breaking the law. The poster hunt has began. Just wait, you'll be caught.
2009-12-14 20:14:25
Then why do it if you feel that way ? If I could take really good photos of my own, (of course not like the first two of mine that I posted here, they were bad) then I'd post my photos all the time. But because they are not my photos, then they are not mine to do anything with really. They are not my property. That is what makes me feel uneasy. And I always want to do what is right by others. I kind of think of it this way, if they were MY photos that people were posting, then how would I feel ? I don't think I would like others taking my work and posting them for all to see. I can't really blame people that ask for their pics to be taken off the site, if we don't ask permission for their pics to appear here. Of course, I enjoy showing to people the pics I like and sharing them with you all. But it just makes me feel nervy at the same time. I just can't bring myself to do what is wrong to others. I hope that you can all understand this. Anyway, that's how I feel and I will not be posting anymore pics here. Please may I take the time to say thankyou to everyone for your votes and comments and your kindness and the welcome that I received when I first posted the pics here. It's really the photographers though that deserve the votes. They are the real stars here....
2009-12-14 18:09:42
For what's it worth - I don't particularly feel comfortable either.
2009-12-14 17:11:08
Thankyou for that Connie, but I will still feel uncomfortable doing this. I just can't bring myself to continue posting. It just doesn't sit right with me anymore...
2009-12-14 16:14:05
PictureGirl - you shouldn't worry about this copyright thing. Just make sure you show the name of the photographer and his/her site....if you have it. That's the least we should do. Also, it gives those photos more exposure.
2009-12-14 12:23:46
Hi poppy, This copyright thing troubles me. I don't want to offend anyone. I don't wish to post anymore pics. I will comment though from time to time. I love to look through what you all post. Thankyou for saying you miss the pics I used to post. I'm sorry that you lost so many pics, poppy. I wish that everyone could get along here. It's really sad that we can't do that. I do apologize about the pics, but I will feel much better if I don't post pics anymore. Take care...
2009-12-14 08:47:21
Hi PictureGirl, Why aren't you posting pics? We miss them. Did you get put off by the photographers who did a blitz recently? It happens from time to time. The last one was mainly directed at me, I lost over 400 pics. The few comments that you (and a couple of others) had were merely a diversion from the main target. ;-) - Start posting again!
2009-12-13 20:27:30
No worries, Connie.
2009-12-13 18:04:48
I realized I was wrong after I posted this comment. So, I posted the correct photo for Canal du Midi. This particular photo is by Pam Colander, but she did not specify the location.
2009-12-13 15:33:55
Correction Connie. This is the Medina river in the Texas hill country. This link confirms this information...
2009-12-13 14:50:24
Canale du Midi, France
2009-12-13 12:40:40
This is a copy of Adam and Eve's pool in Eden.
2008-11-28 07:35:47
Mystery's the Medina..en el Estado de Tejas..gracias Connie.
2008-11-28 04:30:12
The photographer is Pam Colander
2008-11-28 02:41:46
I would die there. I would fish until I die.
2008-11-28 01:49:39
Frio ? Sabinal ?