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Posted By:No Name

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2008-11-27 05:59:24
Well, of course, Peewee, if you're out angeling you're looking up at the sky and the clouds and such, hoping to see one of 'em fly by ...if you'd go fishing, though, you'd have a lot better chance of seeing a sleeping fish..might even be able to slip up on one and grab him before he wakes up..
2008-11-27 05:48:05
That IS interesting. I am an angeler but I have never seen that occur. I LOVE pixdaus. It is a "daily check" for me. I send my brother a small gallery of pics that caught my eye and he loves them.
2008-11-26 21:02:15
The carp is sleeping, Peewee...they like to come up into shallow water to nap.. it's warmer there because of the sunshine...they wallow out a little place in the sand and have a nice siesta..but then sometimes the tide goes out before they wake up...the friendly bird is just waking the fish up so it can get on back into deeper water before it's too can learn all kinds of interesting things about nature here on pixdaus.
2008-11-26 19:05:41
Ok to be honest, this pic is interesting to me. From an artistic-photographic stand point there is not much to it. It doesn't say much. To me though it is very cool to see a crow giving a little nip to a carp. It begs the question is the carp alive?
2008-11-26 14:21:10
birds eating shit