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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2008-11-28 21:09:21
oops..that's 'Earthrace' not 'Erathrace'..come over here and pour me another cup, Carmelita..
2008-11-28 21:07:31
its name is's 100% biodeisel powered, including fuel rendered from humanfat removed from volunteer donors by liposuction ( I promise Iim not making this up ) ..its first attempt to set a new speed record for circumnavigation ended when it ran into an un-lighted fishing boat at night off the coast of Guatamala, killing one fisherman..its second attempt failed when a crack was discovered in the boat's is scheduled for a third attempt, perhaps in March of '09
2008-11-28 15:09:37
amazing boat - what exactly is it called?