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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-08-05 02:06:38
ouch, smalley OWNED by didge
2008-08-03 09:07:32
Smalley, it sounds like 1) You take life a little too seriously and 2)You don't have much of a life beyond Pixdaus. Some of us never see the current pics because we are busy with other aspects of our lives. I'd be willing to forgive a few occasional reposts, but that is just my opinion! :D
2008-08-02 17:07:23
I'd vote it down for the number of times it's appeared on pixdaus. Say what you will, frequent repeats mean not enough time spent *browsing* this wonderful online treasure, relative to your eagerness to try and make your mark.
2008-08-01 20:51:20
Who votes negative for this stuff? That's a pond that is designed like a zipper! Are you people just boycotting anything Gripweed puts up regardless of its content? Pathetic! :D