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Posted By:baloch1

Old Comments:

2009-06-16 11:49:08
I loved watching that guy. "And I think we'll add another little tree over here.....Then put a little more moss on these rocks....." And the way he would slap the heck out of those brushes on the side of the easel.
2009-06-16 11:35:59
Photo or painting? Looks like one of Bob Ross's works.
2009-06-15 01:13:11
Greetings....No problem....
2009-06-14 16:50:05
The above comment is for Jhonnywalk, I forgot to click the 'reply to this'.
2009-06-14 16:48:11 mean the moth pic? Of course it was worth posting again, I gave it my plus votes and the name of the photographer. Believe you me, if I were to write to everyone that posts one of 'my' pics, I'd be very busy indeed. ;-) I was merely trying to point out that instead of taking OLD pics from photo sites, it is just as easy to take NEW ones, that's all. Forgive me if I upset you, my intention was good.
2009-06-14 11:52:56
you see Poppy, there are photos that by their same beauty itself, are worth the merit to publish them again….The other day, you did one to me observaciòn as far as a photo that i posted, really nonwise that photo had been published previously ..... Many photos, has been published several times, maybe so that they do not know that are published in pixdaus or because really is worth the merit to publish it again….
2009-06-14 07:08:05
I'm inclined to disagree with the '3rd time', double it and you might be nearer the truth, but who cares? You're right about one thing, though, the pic is bautiful; one of the all-time greats.
2009-06-14 04:34:40
It's the 3rd time this photo gets posted. Not surprising, it's beautiful!