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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-09-29 13:00:58
I agree poppy, they should go ahead and trash that list. It means nothing, zero, zilch. It only goes to 87 and this place is growing too fast. And it's also taking longer to get on that list. Which may be the reason for many of these floods from new users. But that's just my opinion.
2009-09-29 11:58:17
I'm not mulling over the redwoods photo. I was simply using it as an example to show how sneaky jchip8 is, how he/she will alter a photo and repost it. Out of curiosity, I had watched his/her photos go up and up once he/she feels no one is watching. I have done that on and off for a year. I stopped doing it a while back; I got bored. I have not paid attention to Artemis, so I accept you folks' word that she selfvotes. All I'm saying is that Artemis is not the only one who's cheating; others are. Who knows who should fairly be number one! The ranking does not truly reflect who finds the best photos and how many. It's not possible, because the photos are not rated fairly; many folks vote for or against the person not the photo. Ranking simply does not matter; it's stupid and meaningless. What matters to me is the sharing of photos(beautiful or informative or funny) we find on the Web and having fun with the comments. While searching for more photos (I ran out of them before going to Europe), I am re-learning the do's and don'ts of good photography. After my accident, I lost some of my memories, including what I learned at my night school photography classes.
2009-09-29 09:24:18
Connie – you have to look at this fairly as opposed coloured by your own experience with Jchip8. What happened to your redwoods photo was a small thing and not worth mulling over. It was unfair, of course, and I have had my own disagreements with Jchip8 in the past. But the facts are that Jchip8 has posted 6793 photos to 3464 of Artemis. There have not been any large runs on Jchip8’s file, whereas Artemis has selfvoted her file up and up and up endlessly for over a year now, and lately it has escalated to an alltime high as her aim clearly has been to be number one and as she could not reach it by fair means, she has done it by foul ones. Her rating has gone up by about 4000 just from yesterday, so she’s still at it. At a guesstimate, 80% of the rating of Artemis is self-induced. - I don’t even know Jchip8 from Adam, but I have to defend him here because fair is fair and foul is foul…
2009-09-28 07:53:39
Poppy - I don't feel that jchip8 should be #1; he/she also selfvotes and is very sneaky. For example: I posted a lovely photo of redwoods, which had some writing at the bottom. Jchip8 posted the same photo about 15 minutes later, minus the writing; it was altered. While I was still on the site, I saw his/her upload get voted up...up...up. I got a few votes and then down...down...down... to oblivion. It's amazing how, after a few days (when no one is observing), his/her photos shoot up and up very very often. I have posted some award winning photos to see them get low votes and even minuses. The vote is against me (I'm opiniated) and not the photo. But I don't care; I don't take it personal. It's no insult to me, but to the photographer. However, I don't like cheaters, and jchip8 is one of them.
2009-09-27 22:47:56
Hi Jchip8: I was sorry to witness that artemis has stolen your number one spot! She has shamelessly and continuously selfvoted her pics for over a year now in order to reach the top postion; the position that is rightly yours. We all know that she is there by foul means only. - Eventually, the rating system will also be 'overhauled' so artemis will not reign too long, we hope. Keep posting your good pics, Jchip8, and pox on artemis!