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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-07-02 15:04:24
Oof! That one hurt...
2008-07-02 11:56:36
could be an angels wing.
2008-06-12 18:42:19
What’s the difference between a bird with one wing and a bird with two wings? – The difference of a pinion.
2008-06-08 23:16:56
Perfect pic!
2008-06-08 11:57:24
2008-06-08 10:34:30
Great pic lilly
2008-06-08 08:43:19
“i am a bird / the only bird i’ll be / i fly from tree to tree / like i said 1 wing doesn’t make a bird / but 2 does and I’m 2 / i’m a bird like all my friends are” --- from “one wing doesn’t make a bird” by taylor watkins