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Posted By:willya

Old Comments:

2008-11-10 09:39:46
...actually, JS, I thought you had "the fox tail under your arm" (a saying from my country) when you talked about the mohawk wave. - Pixdaus, The Educator! A class in a school in Lapland now knows the name of the Hawaiian state fish! Is that cool, or what?
2008-11-10 09:26:30
nice to hear that someone thought enough of the information about the fish was interesting enough to pass on to so many people (kama'aina might tell us different, but i think it's actually the official state fish). actually, i have to admit that my last post was a made up a story to fit the picture of this awesome wave. i doubt the outward bound wave front would be surfable for long (but i've seen surfers take advantage of the outbound push of retreating waves when paddling out for the next wave).
2008-11-10 09:12:38
...this must be knowledge from your Hawaiian days? I think you might find this amusing, but I told a seven-year-old girl the name of the unofficial state fish of Hawaii (humuhumunukunukuapua'a) and then a few days later asked her if she still remembered it. She did. What's more, she had told her whole class at school as well. ;-)
2008-11-10 08:58:30
you're looking at the rare and elusive 'mohawk' wave, favored by punk surfers worldwide, as both sides are ridable...
2008-11-09 17:19:40
Love the green in this wave.