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Old Comments:

2010-01-03 12:26:40
Thanks Poppy, hope you have a great new year too!
2010-01-03 12:24:04
Thanks Mike! Hope you have a great 2010 too!
2010-01-03 12:17:16
I'm not sure where that is located. My original idea that I bailed out on was to put a water slide right beside the waterfall. So I went with adding the winding creek ;-)
2010-01-03 11:14:18
Fascinating place. There seem to be bars on some windows - what it is? Where is it?
2010-01-01 10:53:48
Cooooooooool - Another good one Kevin Have a Happy 2010
2010-01-01 10:50:39
Happy New Year, Kevin!
2010-01-01 10:45:43
Thanks zafar1
2009-12-29 15:07:23
great pic kevin