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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2010-10-23 05:58:12
very good
2008-10-24 08:48:52
I wish I could go there
2008-10-24 00:28:49
Anyone visiting the Austin area during warm weather should give it a shot. Arrive early in the AM or you'll have to wait to get into the park (limited spaces/capacity). My 70+ year old mom even braved swimming directly under the waterfall (it's quite a pounding on the cranium). Yes, it is a unique and beautiful place.
2008-10-23 23:54:26
I agree. Been there many times too. This pic comes from flickr. There are plenty of HDR in this series. I prefer normal pictures that let you feel the freshness of the shade.
2008-10-23 21:00:38
that should be "frittered"
2008-10-23 21:00:07
A magical place...rittered away many a summer afternoon there when I should have been studying or writing was privately owned back then..only access was a rickety old steel ladder down into the canyon...and the water is usually clearer..this must have been shot right after a big rain..
2008-10-23 20:46:29
Hamilton pool, Austin, TX, USA.