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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-10-18 23:32:36
I like how they included Tasmania.
2008-10-18 14:24:43
Patito-thats one of the best explanations ive ever read. So often we dont know the real story behind the picture, thanks. Is it possible they might tour in the usa someday?
2008-10-18 10:42:55
This is the world famous New South Wales Marching Ant Drum and Bugle Corps..they perform at halftime during football games in bars and taverns all over Australia and New Zealand..locals cue up to see them march in formation and form outlines of their homeland as well as other countries..and although it's sometimes almost impossible to hear them above the din of the typical Australian bar room, filled as they usually are with drunken football hooligans, if one presses one's ear near enough, it's both heart-warming and blood-stirring to see and hear them march off the field, or plate, as it were, playing the Colonel Bogey ( or Boggie ) March, each ant in perfect step, with regimental colors flying.
2008-10-18 09:27:08
Funny I thought Australia too!
2008-10-18 05:39:06
Crumbs, nothing escapes you...OF COURSE it's meant to be Australia!!
2008-10-18 04:31:58
Looks like Australia. Maybe not.