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Posted By:Alex!!!

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2008-03-09 05:28:11
Orel is completely mistaken about the value the US Army put on the lives of its own soldiers compared to the German and Soviet armies. During the war the Wehrmacht and the Red Army executed thousands of their own soldiers for offenses such as desertion. The US Army executed only 150 American soldiers for crimes such as murder or rape, and just ONE for desertion.
2008-02-23 02:38:12
everlast you rock!
2008-02-23 02:36:57
They did, along with the air force just before the landings. there is an intresting comment made by one of the solders "I hope they stop before we hit the beach" hence the term "hit the beach"
2008-02-17 03:58:59
That's a classical pic
2008-01-31 14:59:41
Both American landings at Omaha and Utah beaches were adout a mile off course because of currents and weather. It was actually still raining.
2008-01-18 02:34:52
ugh sorry for all the spelling mistakes, need an edit button on here.
2008-01-18 02:25:11
PK go read a book on d-day and the massive amount of pre landing bombardment, they did what they could. First that had to disguise where they were going to land so the german panzer divisions couldnt come and push them back into the see. So for every bomb dropped on normandy they drops numerous ones on the fake landing site. Second, its not as easy as you think for the ships to knock out those emplacements, believe me they tried. They had destroyers up close, basically trading blow for blow with some of the big gun emplacements on shore during the landing. Please just dont base your "knowledge" of d-day off what you see in movies.
2008-01-17 20:48:02
2008-01-17 09:29:03
They landed at the wrong beach.
2008-01-17 08:06:39
Can somone explain why US/UK battleships didn't mow German's bastions before D-Day? So Allied forces could save those 700 soldiers who died in the descent operation.
2008-01-17 05:47:16
Quite popular tactic for Soviets and Allides - Massive atacks, If germans would do atacks in the same way how they showing that in the movies - they would be out of army/solders in 1942 allready. The point is that life of single unit had a value for III Reich HQ, not like for US or Russia where solders and thiers lifes was only a part of statistics.
2008-01-17 05:37:12
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2008-01-17 04:29:00
The price we paided to defeat facism has to be always on our minds.
2008-01-17 04:17:29
this one although good has been seen and used too many times.