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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2010-01-29 16:50:19
Hooray!!! It seems to be working properly again. I tried to upload a rose but nothing happened at all, so I will try again later.
2010-01-29 09:17:14
You are very welcome, Gabrielle. I look forward to seeing your rose pictures sometime soon. I've never learnt how to ride horses and tried once to ice skate. I fell all over the place, but it was fun though. Yes, you are right about Pixdaus getting slower. And it's not as good as it once was either. I hope that will change soon...
2010-01-29 08:14:41
Thanks for that advice. I will give it a go sometime and, perhaps, post a rose or two. It is strange how we change, once I was into riding and skating - these days it is Tai Chi. On Pixdaus - I think it is getting even slower day by day.
2010-01-28 20:33:33
It's really easy to post a pic, Gabrielle. You pick 'post a pic' from the choices above and then you choose either a file or the url to post. Then you label and tag the picture and then press, 'upload image to Pixdaus. I used to love cricket alot and even belonged to a womens cricket club. I gave that away in 1982, a long time ago now. My favourite side was the West Indies, when they had the best players in the world. I never watch that now. I liked to listen to AFL as well and the tennis, but don't care for either anymore. Isn't it strange how you change later in life ? I like to watch gymnastics. I marvel at how strong these athletes are. Surfing is great to watch too. The only surfing I do these days is on the net..... :)
2010-01-28 16:44:49
I agree with you about the copyright thing, I think it is very important that the photographer or source is acknowledged. If I ever work it out I would only post what own myself or had permission for. I'm not into sports either but I do enjoy the winter Olympics, other than surfing it is about the only sport I ever watch.
2010-01-28 16:17:28
I don't post pictures anymore, Gabrielle. I'm very uncomfortable about the copyright thing. I would have to ask the photographers first before I post anyone's pics. I miss posting, but to me, doing the right thing is best. I'm not really into sports, but I can appreciate that it would be of interest to others. I love watching ice skating though. They are so graceful.... :)
2010-01-28 14:45:18
Poppy, Zafar, Baloch, where are your pictures? :-S
2010-01-28 14:41:43
I'm not into to crowds either. Nice to know a little about you Connie, both you and PictureGirl post beaut pics. I have not as yet figured out how to do so! I hope all goes well for the Olympics. I am looking forward to watching some great stuff - I actually like watching the winter better than the "main" Olympics, I guess it is because we rarely see winter sports here. I used to Ice Skate and just love watching the skaters of all varieties. Cheers
2010-01-28 13:42:13
That's a shame about the weather in Cypress Mountains. I hope that it won't affect the Games too badly. I'm sure that they will somehow get round that and allow the Games to go unhindered. I'm like you with crowds. I'm not into them either. I really hope that you and your friends will have alot of happy and fun times downtown when the time arrives. Wow, that's early for the fruit trees to blossom from now. Looks like the weather is going a little crazy everywhere. We never get snow in Melbourne during winter. You have to drive up to the mountains for that and that is around a 3 or 4 hour drive from here. Thanks, Connie... :)
2010-01-28 13:16:35
Weather wise there is a bit of concern. Most of the outdoor events are being held in Whistler (Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains), about an hour's drive from Vancouver via the incredibly scenic Sea to Sky Highway. There is a lot of snow there. But, Cypress Mountain (20 mnts by car from downtown Vancouver) will host the Olympic freestyle skiing and snowboarding events. They have had their snow base ravaged by record high temperature this month. Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver...sort of, will host all the ice skating events; it's indoors so no problem. Vancouver is buzzing as you say. Lots of exciting things happening already. It will probably be almost impossible to get in a restaurant in February....with all the visitors. I did not buy tickets for an events; I hate crowds. But, there will be a lot going on downtown, and that is where I and my friends will be. I look forward to see my city and province, British Columbia, shown to the world. We are having great weather in Vancouver - no snow yet this winter. I have already noticed some fruit trees starting to blossom. The lower part of British Columbia does not have very cold winters; we often don't even get any snow.
2010-01-28 12:00:00
Pleased to know more about you, Connie. It must be cold where you are at the moment. I'd like that personally myself though. Vancouver must be buzzing with excitement now, Connie. Do you plan to attend the Games when they are on ?
2010-01-28 11:36:46
I'm sort of between Picture Girl's and Gabrielle's age .... I'm 64...born and raised in Canada, living in Vancouver - home of the 2010 Winter Olympics ;-)
2010-01-28 10:27:03
Yes, I agree with what you said about Mr Gehry having food poisoning. That wouldn't of been fun to go through at all. And I noticed about the pics to access too going up to 200 instead of the usual 13,000 odd pages. Maybe this means that Pixdaus is starting to get the ball rolling about fixing their site up for the better. I really do hope so. I look forward to the winter months all the time. Summer is an enemy of mine and I will never take too kindly to it. Of course, if we had winter here like England and America gets, then I'd probably wouldn't be too keen on it like I am now, but it still would beat these ridiculous days of heat. I mean, to get up to 47 Celsius (that's around 117 Fahrenheit) last February, that was a real joke. Why am I not laughing though ? Wow, 73 years young. That's really great, Gabrielle. And it's great to have you here with us too.. :) Yes, I agree with you. The internet is really marvellous, provided it is used for proper things of course. I love photography as well. Pictures tell a thousand words. I especially love pics of cats and scenery. To me, that is what life is about and should be like. They were created for a purpose, to make us happy and feel at peace. Cheers to you again, Gabrielle. Take care....
2010-01-28 09:57:31
Thanks for the info Poppy, I hope that soon everything will be back on track. I notice that the number of pics to access on each page in now 200 - does Pixdaus start from zero each new year? Yes, you're right about UTS, more hideousness to come. I didn't know about the food poisoning though, poor chap. PictureGirl, I too look forward to the cooler seasons as I get older. I am now, at 73 a very senior citizen and have lived in Sydney all my life. I have been interested in photography all my life and just love Pixdaus. Isn't the internet absolutely marvellous!? Cheers, again.
2010-01-27 22:53:22
Yes, I concur. I hope that Pixdaus can get back to being fast like it once was. I'm so sorry that you have had some very hot days that you are finding hard to take. I'm the same with heat. I'm so glad that summer is nearly finished for another season. No, I'm not Canadian. I am a Melbourne girl. Have lived here all my life, all 52 years of it. Cheers to you as well, fellow Aussie. Please take care.... :)
2010-01-27 21:32:28
I didn't know you were an Aussie, Gabrielle, I though you were Canadian. You wrote a comment in French once... Anyway, be patient with the slowness of the site, it will be fixed soon. It cannot be helped because they're doing huge technical 'stuff' at the moment; I cannot explain what the 'stuff' is because I am somewhat of a dunce when it comes to complicated computer lingo. ;-) You made a reference in a comment a while back that Frank Gehry was going to be ‘unleashed’ in your city soon, and I wondered what the city was. Now you say it’s Sydney, so you must have meant the Faculty of Business building for the University of Technology? – Gehry was in Sydney in December, and he fell victim to food poisoning… would that be an indication of what Sydneyans think of his proposed design? ;-)
2010-01-27 16:57:55
You are right it is just sooooo slooooow !! Sometimes I simply give up. I hope they get it fixed up soon - it is the best photo site I have come across. Here in Sydney we've had some really hot days which I find very hard to take. I know it can be fierce in Melbourne at times too so it must be good to have a bit of coolness. It is cooling down here now - thunder roiling around but no rain. For some reason I thought you were in Canada, it's good to fine another Aussie here. Cheers!
2010-01-27 14:21:50
I reckon you could've had some time to prepare lunch, make a cup of tea, clean up the dishes, have a shower, clean your teeth, get the mail, watch TV, and then come back to Pixdaus and still be waiting for the next picture to come through. I hope that this site isn't showing signs either of coming to a halt. It wouldn't feel right if a day went by without visiting here. Yes, it was very interesting to look up about the Flower-hat jellyfish. I'm glad that it isn't a lethal creature, but stll, it's sting is painful and that's enough to put up with if you were stung by it. My goodness, I never knew that there are jellyfish around as big as a man. Wouldn't like to come into contact with that, that's for sure ! Hope you're having a great day, Gabrielle. Hope the weather hasn't been too hot for you either. For a change, Melbourne has been cool, which suits me just fine. Not a fan of heatwaves. Take care, Gabrielle... :)
2010-01-27 13:54:43
Yes, PictureGirl, it is getting slower and slower. Today I would almost have time to get a cup of tea while the page changes! It's a bit of a worry, it is as if the site is grinding to a standstill. I hope not because it is one of the very best photo sites around. I hope you had some joy with the Flower-hat jellyfish. I also came across some giant ones as big as a man. Wow!
2010-01-26 19:24:33
This used to be a really great site, if not the BEST site on all of the internet. Now, I am not so sure anymore. It is getting ruined more and more each day and it's not so enjoyable visiting here anymore. I am with you on this, Gabrielle. The sooner Pixdaus gets its act together, the better ! I am finding Pixdaus slow on another level. It takes ages before I get onto another page after I click on a link. I'm wondering if anyone has this trouble here. I'm ok with other websites. Just not with Pixdaus. I'm so glad that you have found what this peculiar but beautiful looking creature is. I will look that up on Google and see what you have found. Thanks for letting us know, Gabrielle. I don't know why Danis didn't know what this could be, but at least he could put this on here in the first place, so that we know about it. Good name for the jellyfish too... flower-hat. Quite apt, if you ask me. Take care, Gabrielle... :)
2010-01-26 17:22:46
Thanks, PictureGirl. I've found it. The Flower-hat jellyfish, lives in Brazilian waters, grows to about 6 inches and has a nasty, but not lethal, sting for humans. Why didn't Danis know this I wonder? Snails, I thought my computer was slowing down, but I guess not now. I think Pixdaus is wonderful but find many aspects puzzling. How the whole thing works and, especially, the way that some people are tearing into each other all the time. Why not concentrate on the great images and enjoy them?
2010-01-26 16:49:55
I agree about the snails, Gabrielle. They weren't that great to look at, were they ? I think people were trying to say that Pixdaus is getting rather slow between posts, at a snails' pace actually. Danis, could you shed some light about where you found this picture from so that this type of jellyfish can be discovered ? Otherwise Gabrielle, maybe you could look in the Google search box for jellyfish and see what comes up. Take care.. :)
2010-01-26 15:42:01
Surely someone knows something about this creature? Also, what's with all the snails? Ugh!
2010-01-16 12:10:13
WOW INDEED!!!! What an extraordinary image. Is it a Jellyfish of some kind? Or a microscopic creature?
2009-10-24 09:49:31
I knew you'd WOW this one! ;-)
2009-10-24 09:37:24
WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!