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Posted By: j2

Old Comments:

2009-06-29 07:05:57
Yeah, half of these power units could be dark, couldn't they? I see that a lot when the fully-loaded grain trains line up for the port of Houston in the fall, and then as the empties return a lot of the power units are not active. Great feedback... thanks!
2009-06-29 03:01:29
I know a Burlington Northern engineer who says that often the number of locomotives has little relation to the load requirements. Lots of "power" often means that there were extra units in the yard where the consist originated that are needed somewhere else. Just as often there are not enough so a lightly powered train can often be heavily loaded. This is a fact of life on a large railroad system and no affront to management is intended.
2009-06-28 16:29:16
I wonder how many cars would require 8 engines to pull?