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2009-04-15 20:48:36
2009-04-15 20:43:45
A poor home with love is better than a huge mansion without it that's for sure. I can relate having come from a lower income family background. That last sentence was a line I remember from Saturday Night Live where Chris Farley is a motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river. He basically sucks at his job and can't motivate anyone. You might be able to see video of that on YouTube, it's very funny stuff. I've been taking stealth lessons in tall tales from reading patito's posts! ;-)
2009-04-15 20:39:48
The Mothers of Invention was a band Frank Zappa played with.
2009-04-15 16:43:47
I learned to 'invent' really well; I come from a very poor family. Fortunately, what we lacked in material things, we made up with plenty of love... "Floating down the river" - I have to get a canoe and a paddle and start practising. Re your last sentence: How much did Patito charge for lessons in Tall Tales? :-)
2009-04-14 18:11:38
Thanks Poppy! Here's one I've heard since I was a kid: Necessity is the mother of invention. I used to know a lot of those. I try to be polite most of the time but if folks get medieval on me then things might change, nah probably not. I don't have any real tidbits of wisdom to dispence other than to say just let stuff flow away as if it were floating down a river. Did I mention that I'm a motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river! ;-)
2009-04-14 16:27:06
2009-04-14 01:50:48
Thank you for the compliment, Kevin! Another poppy wisdom: Curiosity is the mother of all knowledge. - I am now going to play the tit-for-tat game: I have to say that I am impressed by your 'cool', meaning that you're always so well-behaved and polite. That is much to be admired. Where I tend to shoot from the hip even before I have fully identified the target, you use diplomacy. How much do you charge for lessons?
2009-04-13 20:49:32
Guy goes to a Chinese restaurant, eats dinner, opens his fortune cookie..the note says "Help ! I'm being held captive in a Chinese bakery !"
2009-04-13 20:19:36
LOL! Those fortune cookies are a serious source of wisdom that I base my life decisions upon! No not really, I hear they make those up out of whole cloth. I have to say that I am impressed with the level of knowledge you have on such a wide variety of topics! ;-)
2009-04-13 16:46:03
Is that where I remembered it from? Gee, I must start reading better stuff. Something longer: books, maybe? ;-)
2009-04-13 16:14:00
Thanks Poppy! That would make a great fortune cookie note! ;-)
2009-04-13 16:02:04
Thanks A Bouts! It would be nice if after they said the pic was bad they would write at least one sentence as to why they thought it was bad and perhaps describe how they would have done it differently.
2009-04-12 01:29:51
There are those who DO, and then there are those who criticise. The doers often succeed, but the criticisers achieve nothing.
2009-04-11 22:44:55
You said it A Bouts!!
2009-04-11 22:24:32
I've been waiting for you to respond to this guy Kevin. Annoying little twerps. To answer your question to them, they might post at least one picture on their own so we could judge them. But like many on this site they like to judge but are unable to cope with being judged themselves.
2009-04-11 20:34:55
What might you have done differently?
2009-04-11 04:40:52
Bad photoshopping.