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Posted By:BellCurve

Old Comments:

2010-03-21 08:02:35
I would put my head on her lap too if I was given a chance. With that kind of a rack I would put my head between them.
2009-05-31 10:49:42
It's a limerick, not a rhyme. ;-)
2009-05-31 04:34:36
Reminds me of the old rhyme: There was a smiling young lady from Niger, Who rode off on the back of a tiger. At the end of the ride, The lady was inside, And the smile was on the face of the tiger.
2008-10-16 09:39:08
This was taken at the Tiger Temple in Thailand. I got to go there this summer, it's really cool being able to pet the tigers.
2008-07-30 01:17:16
Tigers are very smelly, trust me. Especially when they have had lunch, they smell of meat. I once threw a bottle of Deodorant to the tiger(barely caught by the Park's keeper, he ripped it off in one claw, and got scared and ran away(it makes a loud sound when you puncture a deo can). Park keeper told me that he smelled like the deo for a week, and the tigress didn't even come near him.
2008-06-20 10:49:01
owwww how lucky i always dream to hug a tiger or a lion
2008-05-24 18:17:44
mmmmm lovely tiger... lovely connection...
2008-05-21 03:40:26
This should be the official slogan for all internet interactions! Dibs on the first T-shirt made!
2008-05-19 07:55:15
with that on her lap I will also think she is unapproachable, and it I would have been the cameraman, I believe that I would not need laxative afterwards (lol)
2008-05-18 16:49:08
What a beautiful animal. The tiger isn't bad either.. ;)
2008-05-18 13:39:17
I'd like to see you radiate your peaceful 'harmonic' energy and walk into a cage full of wild tigers, Popolov. These animals look like they've been fed AND drugged.
2008-05-18 00:55:26
i wish to hug him :)
2008-05-18 00:32:11
What do you want? She is very attractive. She has no bust. She has a flat ass. She has a 150Kg tiger in her lap. She is fairly unapproachable.
2008-05-18 00:18:01
Gotta say, I have the same kind of picture with some friends and a cheetah in a South Africa preserve.
2008-05-17 19:20:48
What difference would it make whether they pay off course or on course , Jojo ?
2008-05-17 19:15:30
Ten guys having a conversation about a picture of a chick and a tiger, and not one of you talks about the chick. Is everything all right? Taking your pills regularly, are you? Apart from that, popolov rules.
2008-05-17 19:06:07
Too much coffee today, right? Boss gave you a new even more ridiculous deadline? Spouse beginning to ?
2008-05-17 12:05:48
Why don't we have a sloth petting zoo? I mean tigers,common,give us sloths,and porcupines. These tigers are druged out of their minds,just to make sure that this stupid cow and other bitches and assholes who think that petting a tiger is cute can get away with it.As long as they pay, offcourse.
2008-05-17 11:33:45
Reasonable people are a pain in the ass.
2008-05-17 07:50:48
there is obviously a high intelligence level going on at pixdaus, that's why i like it. we can have more fun if we don't get so easily offended and treat everything with a sense of humor. the point is to 1-look at cool photos and 2-have a laugh.
2008-05-17 07:44:48
And go "OOOOOHM"
2008-05-17 06:45:16
same thing, no? u call it chemicals, popolov calls it aura but in the end, its just how the human is presenting him or herself
2008-05-17 05:40:07
I feel enlightened now. I also have an urge to burn incense.
2008-05-17 05:34:46
Peter, there is a great deal more to the make up of life than just chemicals and matter. Your silly reference to "Voodoo-babble" indicates the ignorant level of your mentality. The fundamental creation of life and form emanates from a myriad energies, not just chemical and matter. So what 'creates' the biochemicals a person gives off? The chemicals are 'created' by the person's mental and emotional energy state. Their being. Their psyche. This in turn translates into specific energy frequencies that radiates from them. The animal picks up on these frequencies, energies, and responds accordingly. So please think before you make such nonsensical comments.
2008-05-17 05:11:19
These tigers were raised for this specific purpose - sort of purpose-built.
2008-05-17 05:10:20
I'm sure glad I got my new boots off the floor before the wash of bullshit.
2008-05-17 05:03:07
Radiating harmony through their aura (their energy field) ??? Come on... Stop with that voodoo-babble already. They can smell the biochemicals you send off.
2008-05-17 04:03:10
2008-05-17 03:29:55
Your comment made me laugh!
2008-05-17 03:03:08
Aaaah how cute.. Also: The Van Hoorn incident was not an attack but an attempt of the tiger to protect the weaker human form a crowd that looked dangerous to the animal. it was not mauling but an attempt to grab him ( as cats tend to grab smaller cats (by the neck) Cats and humans can get along great and this tiger is lying there like a big housecat. Fred..: )
2008-05-17 02:28:59
popolov's response is more intelligent. my comment was not misguided woot, just simplistic, of course there are exceptional circumstances to everything dumbass, look at the tiger guys whats-his-name. anyway whatever, it's cool to see.
2008-05-17 02:03:34
I think there is more to it than the animal just being well fed Fyi2. There is the energy of 'intent' of the human that an animal picks up on. If the human radiates harmony through their aura, (their energy field), it becomes an attracting field of invitation, of harmony, for the animal. Obviously, the animal must be well fed in order to 'be able' to respond positively. Provided also that the animal does not have that aggressive destructive energy like a lot of humans have, both men and women. There is also the environment in which the animals live, which must be conducive to harmony, thereby helping to create harmony in the animals.
2008-05-17 01:38:23
just proves, if a predator is well fed, species at odds can be best pals. see also pics of polar bear and husky dog.