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Old Comments:

2009-08-09 20:45:13
Thanks Duane! I thought I'd like to blend a Hubble space pic with an earth scene and came up with this.
2009-08-09 20:32:44
Thanks Poppy! I've missed you all too. I've been occupied with the less fun parts of life lately and I haven't had much in the way of creativity with pics. I'm Glad to see you guy's have been keeping things kewlistic!
2009-08-09 19:51:46
Thanks Skip! Haven't been doing much with photoshop lately. I made this little combo pic to have something new to post. Glad you guy's are still here!
2009-08-09 07:49:38
What a fantastic concept and wonderful execution.... thanks for sharing, and ditto what the others said about being back..
2009-08-09 05:34:35
Hello Kevin, where have you been? We've missed you and your pics. Don't ever leave us again, you hear? ;-) We cannot even use the word 'kewlistic' if you're not around...
2009-08-09 02:35:01
Hi Kevin, great photo! haven't seen you around much lately, I've missed your kewlistic pics! and I've always enjoyed watching your progress with photoshop is this a K.W. original?