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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2009-05-02 12:35:23
Wonderful info! Thanks
2009-05-02 07:21:53
Another interesting thing about tarsiers is that they can't move their eyes in their sockets left or right, but must turn their heads. And they can turn their heads all the way around and look behind themselves, which fact gave rise to the following ditty which I hereby record ( once more ) for posterity. "The tarsier, weird little beast, can't swivel its eyes in the least. But when sitting at rest with its tummy due west, it can turn its head round to face east." Author Unknown
2009-05-02 05:45:11
Damn, that coffee was STRONG!
2009-05-02 03:12:46
Tarsier Tarsiers are named for their long feet with elongated tarsus bones. Most are nocturnal and have enormous eyes. They can catch prey like birds as they jump from tree to tree. Of all the primates, the tarsier has the longest continuous fossil record, which suggests that they have changed little in 45 million years.