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Posted By:cure

Old Comments:

2009-11-20 03:38:27
I don't doubt it a bit...the French may be better cooks..the Italians may be better lovers...the Germans may make better cars...but when it comes to world-class, flaming eccentricity and oddballism, the British are unsurpassed in all the whole wide world.....
2009-11-20 02:22:31
Thanks, Patito, for giving us more info on the matter. Strange that you should mention Sir Reginald, I knew him and his family when I lived in England. Their family seat was Appleby Hall on the coast of the North Sea in Lincolnshire. Lovely family, but Sir Reginald had some weird habits himself (which is probably why he, as a scientist, liked to study weird phenomena). One of them I witnessed: He liked to ride his Harley up and down the coast, on the beaches as well, while dressed in a white wedding gown... There was a very long veil attached to the helmet that he wore, and the veil billowed behind him in huge fluffy clouds as he rode. The wheels of the Harley had spiky centre pieces on the wheels, and his wife, Elleanor, had visions of him ending his life as Isadora Duncan had. We all know what happened to her... As far as I know, he's still happily riding his Harley while singing arias from Madame Butterfly, his favourite opera. - I took some photos of him riding on the beach below the Hall; I'll see if I can find them...
2009-11-20 00:34:07
Yes, Poppy is exactly right....there are actually several tilted lakes in the region, but this is the largest of them and the most was named Tilted Lake by Captain Fitzroy of HMS Beagle in the early 1800's.....prior to that it was known to the indigenous peoples as Umpalumpawawazooma , which meant, in their languge, 'Easy paddling east to west, sombitch paddling west to east'......for those who doubt the truth of any of this, see "The Tilted Lakes of Patagonia," by J. Worthington Codbottom, in the Journal of the British Society for the Advanced Study of Aquatic Oddities, Vol 26, # 9...see also Chapter 7, 'Peculiar Patagonian Ponds' pp 66-78, in "Weird Waters of the World," by Sir Reginald Smyth-Frothingworth.
2009-11-20 00:15:16
You've got it all wrong. This is the world-famous Tilted Lake located in Patagonia. There's constant volcanic action going on one side of the lake that is pushing the earth layers up and up and up... While doing so, it puts tremendous pressure on the earth layers and plates on the other side of the lake, rupturing the plates and allowing water to drain into the vast cavities thus formed. It is neverending action, the water is on the move all the time. It defies all current knowledge; the scientists are baffled and say it is not even possible. But then they go there and see it for themselves: it is possible!
2009-11-19 14:53:30
People are so picky, that is very pretty picture see the beauty in the picture itself instead of critisiseing it for being uneven
2008-01-12 13:51:54
it would be a little nicer if the horizon was level!