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Old Comments:

2009-04-22 21:24:19
LOL! I have to agree with you there, Jackalope is a classic, the easy winner!
2009-04-22 21:13:35
I thought the ears were once worn by a hare, or a jackrabbit. Well, well...
2009-04-22 21:11:41
Hare today, gone tomorrow... usually the way of experiments. Trouble is, they cannot get the critters created in labs to breed... hence, the way of the dodo pretty darn quick.
2009-04-22 21:10:49
Thanks! The antlers and the ears were taken from a pic of a young buck.
2009-04-22 21:07:53
They are antlers, alright, but I could not get the word 'antler' to make any kind of a name with squirrel or rabbit. ;-) No one can top jackalope!
2009-04-22 21:02:09
I'm not sure what to call the little critter. When I first saw him he kinda scared me, what with those horns and big ears. Turns out he's a nice little guy. They tell me he was created by some grad student in the genetics lab.
2009-04-22 21:01:10
Good One! I like the elongated ears. I'm wondering are those horns or antlers?
2009-04-22 19:43:43
A new twist on a jackalope. Nice! What is this one called? Hornsquirab?