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Posted By:WitchGirl

Old Comments:

2009-11-16 19:10:00
And one more thing, Mary! When you make a picture a "favorite" it doesn't have nothing to do with your don't save it in your pc..all the process it's consuming here on the site. Have a great day :) i'm glad you liked the picture though :)
2009-11-16 18:51:42
Well.. i have it in my pc for a while and my antivirus didn't "say" anything to me :P
2009-11-16 09:02:52
Hmmm....Iīve saved it as a favorite and my AVG didnīt say anything.
2009-11-16 08:58:45
Sorry Witchgirl, but when I clicked the part where it says to make this photo a favourite, my AVG virus protector said that this picture is infected. Nothing else happened after it though. Hope it will be ok for everyone else.
2009-11-16 08:09:10
Hello and thanks, jujuba! Spring it's always beautiful.
2009-11-16 04:48:49
Sp pretty :-)