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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-01-12 06:54:57
painted backwards, FAIL.
2008-02-05 12:59:53
Sheesh I have seen swastikas all over India and it is an ancient Hindu/Buddhist symbol....
2008-02-02 03:24:36
Yes, and now Buddhists are persecuted in Europe by closed-minded people who think that Buddhists should stop using their ancient symbol because some genocidal warmonger misused it.
2008-01-30 05:18:28
Hah, I like this Picture... but isn't the original Swastika or Hakenkreuz hinduist insteat of buddhist?
2008-01-30 04:50:50
that is actually not the swastika
2008-01-29 15:31:17
So is it an anti-buddhist graffiti?
2008-01-29 12:03:08
love it thx
2008-01-29 05:56:50
2008-01-29 04:27:33