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2010-08-25 11:42:07
According to what I was told by an old Navy man, if a vessel carried lifeboats (not just rafts or inflatables) it was a ship; if it didn't, it was a boat. Ships carry boats, but boats don't carry ships.
2010-03-14 00:49:25
This reminds me of Abe Lincoln's example : if we have three chickens and a duck, but we call the duck a chicken, then how many chickens do we have ? We still just have three, because calling a duck a chicken doesn't make it a chicken.
2010-03-14 00:40:32
Well, yes,'s true that submariners always refer to their vessels as's a hold-over from the days when subs were small, and from the early terms for them, submarine boats, or unterseeboots...however....big subs today have displacements larger than that of lots of surface vessels that nobody would call boats...the Virginia-class subs of the US Navy displace about 8,000 tons...the Russian Typhoon-class subs had displaceents in the 30,000 to 40,000 ton that to the WW II Fletcher-class destroyers, with displacements of around 2,000 tons...traditionally, in the navy, a boat is any vessel small enough to be carried aboard a ship...but the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, the Mayflower and the Golden Hind, all of which we call ships, could eaily be winched aboard many of today's large, were they ships or boats ? And lots of contemporary sailboats are larger than the Nina or Pina....does that make them ships ? So maybe it comes down to usage....a thing is what we call it..unless someone calls it something else...
2010-03-13 22:54:43
Submarines are classed as boats. ;-)