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Old Comments:

2009-03-26 06:42:25
Don't worry about it Khismet. I prefer honest opinion even if the opinion is that the pic sucks. I like to click the best pics link and view my pics sorted from best to worst that way this pic and some others are a long way down on the list. ;-)
2009-03-26 03:17:18
My apologies Kevin. It was not my intention to insult you, only an observation. I guess somethings are better left unsaid. :) Sorry.
2009-03-25 18:28:21
Since you had to say it I hope you feel better now having said it. If this site had a delete button I probably would have deleted it a long time ago along with a few other ones I am not crazy about. On the other hand it did manage to get a few votes.
2009-03-24 17:56:00
I live in Hawaii and this is a very recognizable landmark, Molokini Island. I have to say this is the worst photoshop i've seen.
2008-09-30 00:00:52
Pretty silly PS, IMO. It would have worked better if they had shifted the water's color to a bit lighter shade - there's no way you could get that deep of a blue in such a small area. Also, since there have been several postings of this particular atoll, it makes the structure all that more recognizable as a fake (didn't even bother blotting out the boats!).