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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2008-07-25 03:05:18
Your comments are long. And that is awesome (yet kinda weird)
2008-06-09 10:20:29
Run Ferris, Run...
2008-06-09 08:10:52
the art of taking pictures of men running was created by well know artist Ferris Bueler. Bueler is most known for his love of old corvets and of Parades through downtown high rises.It was at one such Downtown High Rise parade that he accidently stumbled upon the sport of running and quickly snapped a few shots of these "Runners" "Running". the world owes Ferris Bueler a well deserved round of appluase.
2008-06-09 07:03:45
Oh no! Clumpy hair and falling backwards! Please, that "water sculpture" is beautiful. And no one invented the hair flip for the photography. Rita Hayworth famously flipped her hair like that on film in Gilda, and thousands of women before her probably did too. Big deal. Might as well same someone invented taking a photo of a men running - it's just something humans do.
2008-06-08 19:54:05
This style of shot, with the girl swinging her head back, was created by fashion photographer Peter Gowen. He was a west coast photographer and teacher and a terrific guy. I took a course with him in his Santa Monica studio. At one point he brought in a very plain looking girl. "If you can't make her look good, don't plan on a career in fashion photography." BTW, this is a very poor imitation of that style, the hair is too clumped together and the girl is falling over backwards.