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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-12-05 08:43:45
The problem is that any inclusive or exclusive definition of what is or isn't art will neccessarilly be so broad as to be meaningless..definitions just aren't much help in determining what art is..or isn't..all I can tell you for sure is that historically art critics , both lay and professional, have made pluperfect fools of themselves over and over by ridiculing this or that art or artist ...does that mean every village idiot who photographs a turd is an artist? Nope...but it means that a photo of a turd under the right circumstances, done the right way by the right person at the right time,could be other words, your photo of your turd might not be art...but if Annie Leibowitz shot one of hers, or even one of yours, then maybe so...
2008-12-05 07:27:17
So if I took a shit and photographed the turd in unusual lighting, it could be considered "art" by some?
2008-12-05 03:46:49
Yeah..right..go back and read what critics said about the paintings of Renoir and the other early the reviews of the Armory Show ( look it up )...people denounce as 'bullshit' works they lack the background, the wit or subtlety to appreciate...
2008-12-05 03:45:35
Like Picasso was laughing at you all? or Salvador Dali? In every form of art, there are people who introduce new 'ways of seeing' things.
2008-12-05 03:11:50
It's quite easy to explain: Contemporary art=bullshit. These so-called "artists like Rune Guneriussen and Tracy Emin are laughing at you all.
2008-12-05 02:04:09
Google Rune Guneriussen and see some of his other work, maybe it'll come to you... If not, no big deal; what one person sees, another may not, which is why one person can never 'explain' art to another person.
2008-12-05 01:21:43
It reminds me of the Pixar lamp. I don't "get it" either, but it took planning and work and is fairly unique and that to me is worth a +1. :D
2008-12-05 01:13:09
I don't "understand" it, please explain.
2008-12-05 00:55:53
This is a wonderful picture... I am familiar with Guneriussen's work, but have not posted any because I thought the Pixdaus crowd would not understand it. More power to you, Fedrus, for posting this and another picture of his. As to votes... this is what I normally experience every day.... except today. Why is it in the banned section? Apart from being a place for erotics, the banned section can also be called the Envy Section. ;-)
2008-12-04 23:36:07
This pic had 8 votes a few minutes ago! Now it has only one!!! What happened here again?
2008-12-04 23:34:15
This picture is in the banned section. WHY?