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Posted By:WitchGirl

Old Comments:

2009-07-11 02:20:52
This is the remains of the old Confederate Ordinance Depot just outside Richmond...the Army of Northern Virgina had entrenched at Petersburg in a desperate attempt to save the capital, but their lines were breached in early April,1865, and it became clear that the Confederate capital could not be defended...all stores that could not be evacuated were destroyed, and the Ordinace Depot was blown up just hours before the first Union cavalry , under the command of Major Charles Francis Adams, entered the city..
2009-07-11 01:13:08
"Pity they so rarely name the places." Oooh, how snooty, Gérard. Many of us posters give all the info that we find at source, but we cannot give what we haven't got. How lucky we are to have you to indentify the places, such as this one. Just get it right, next time.
2009-07-10 19:57:16
Pity they so rarely name the places. I guess this ruin is that of the fortress of Aguilar in the French Aude department. Near Narbonne
2008-12-18 16:42:56
Unfortunately..i don't know where is this place.
2008-12-18 07:50:06
Lovely. Where is this? Maybe in Portugal?!