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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-04-16 02:55:00
The famous BC Bud is not just anywhere in the Pacific Northwest (aka Cascadia)...only in B.C. Unfortunately, our 'gangsters' take it across the border into the States, which does not make us good neighbours. Canada is considering legalizing marijuana, which is not sitting well with the politicians in Washington DC. But, BC, Washington(the State) and Oregon are different than the rest of North America. We tend to be more liberal and laid back. The outdoors and a healthy lifestyle (exercise & healthy eating) is our matra. But all is not well in lotus land. We have a lot of homeless people. They come from all across Canada because of our milder climate. Some are from the States and others from different parts of the Americas. The B.C. government shut down the mental institutions because they said that it was illegal and inhumane to keep people in those institutions against their will. What they did not do is provide enough resources and social housing for them. These homeless people can rent apartments (with financial assistance from the provincial government). But, they get thrown out because of their behaviours...mental illness and their drug problems, which seems to go hand in hand. They can also get into government social housing, but the same problem occurs.
2009-04-15 23:13:26
Yes Poppy I was talking to Connie -sometimes the replies don't go where intended -but if you have some you would like to share... :)
2009-04-15 23:02:18
Ms Connie lives in the PNW, home of the most potent kick-ass stuff in North America, the famous BC Bud...the PNW is also the home of some of the most liberal, sane and non-punitive legal restrictions thereunto appertaining. As states search desperately for sources of revenue to fund everything from education to bridge repairs it may be that some of the more enlightened ones will realize the enormous potential in legalizatuion and taxation.
2009-04-15 22:48:26
I presume you're talking to Connie? ;-)
2009-04-15 22:28:55
I don't have any -maybe you I could borrow some of yours? ;)
2009-04-15 15:50:39
I like the aura, too, Fuzzy Blue One. Wish I knew how to make it happen; must be a photoshop effect, yes? Kevin Walker would know.
2009-04-15 11:45:02
Been smoking some funny weed fuzzy wuzzy? Or just having a 'vision'?
2009-04-15 09:22:25
Pretty rose -looks like it has an aura