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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2010-10-01 23:55:22
thanks, san angelo! i have read about such phenomena. Imagine the horror of finding an alligator in your petunias some morning. wow. but why would someone downvote your comment? nothing stranger than folks, i'm sure.
2010-10-01 23:20:25
In actual fact here have been numerous recorded instances of frogs falling from the sky, as well as small fish, turtles and snakes. During severe weather over the Great Plains of North America sudden and severe up-bursts sometimes occur, and if one occurs directly over a pond or lake large quantities of water can be sucked up into the vortex of a thunderstorm cell, including, of course, any small creatures that happen to be in the water. In Louisiana and North Florida it isn't uncommon for people to find small alligators in their yards after strong thunderstorms have passed over.
2010-10-01 22:35:22
Jchip8, why is it so hard for you to give information about the photos you post? In chunwood’s photostream he very clearly gives the location as Namyangju-Si, Kyeongki-Do, which is in South Korea, and that the photo was taken on September 23, 2010.
2010-10-01 22:32:33
Oh... sorry for the girl with umbrella ... I put the flag as inappropriate right after I posted it...
2010-10-01 22:09:30
Not sure when he/she gave the comments Peasant, nevertheless, they are there... :)
2010-10-01 22:04:34
Yeah .... in 2000 , maybe earlier ...
2010-10-01 21:55:57
Nothing unusual about that, Peasant. If you click on jchip8's username, you will see that he/she has written 137 comments all up so far...
2010-10-01 21:45:57
Damn! I spill the coffee all over the desk when I saw written by jchip8! What's next, falling frogs from the sky? :)
2010-10-01 21:34:05
2010-10-01 17:51:35
What a FANTASTIC picture!! Where is it? Who's the photographer?