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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2010-05-16 04:05:19
She may look Scandinavian, but in reality she is Russian. The photo was taken by Julia Savchenko. Her web site is :
2009-02-10 10:08:05
2008-04-21 04:56:04
Laplander maybe, either way top quality fuck bitch
2008-04-21 00:07:22
Looks like a beautiful Scandnavian girl, the best ever!
2008-04-20 10:23:12
she could so be my everything!!I am totally in love!!
2008-04-19 02:51:40
is it real photo or created :)
2008-04-19 01:43:05
Gorgeous girl...
2008-04-19 01:12:17
frumos strabism!
2008-04-19 00:17:48
would like to look into the eyes and kiss the lips.. simply beautiful:)
2008-04-18 23:57:58
Curious balloon she has on her mouth!