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Old Comments:

2008-02-22 23:01:33
I think its a beautiful shot. Yous are just hatin cause you cant afford cameras
2008-02-19 22:13:50
Yes, of course. That's why 83 of them are popular. :D
2008-02-19 22:08:47
BUT LOOK AT THAT... shall I say it? BUSH!!!! I would make her scream my name! I'm so great. I rule the world! BOO-YEAH!!!
2008-02-19 18:27:40
Id hit it
2008-02-19 08:59:08
they are indeed
2008-02-19 08:55:27
and your ass shumi. all your post are ugly
2008-02-19 07:51:12
and your feet... ;)
2008-02-19 07:18:43
...lucky we cant see your face
2008-02-19 06:48:02
Ugly feet.