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Posted By:Rado

Old Comments:

2008-08-03 09:28:15
W....What at !@#$%^& idiot.
2008-02-13 05:30:14
Touching a black man made him pinch one, pity.
2008-02-12 00:11:23
Must have been that filet of human liver he was offered for lunch.
2008-02-11 00:23:53
2008-02-10 07:08:01
As they say...a picture is worth a thousand words...idiot, stupid, moron, jerk, I think I'll stop here.
2008-02-09 08:23:32
.... he is just jester
2008-02-09 07:00:30
he's been zombiefied
2008-02-09 04:33:30
About as "intelligent" as you there buddy..
2008-02-08 23:25:25
I am a God walking amongst mere mortals. All kneel and praise me. BOO-YEAH!!!
2008-02-08 23:04:29
a real inteligent face....