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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2008-06-19 10:17:47
i suspect the photo was kinda staged. either the arab was asked to pose as disinterested or the soldier was posing without any target at all.
2008-04-18 05:37:48
America = Terror! sorry to say that but that is what they have been doing devastating!
2008-03-06 05:47:51
make us. pussy.
2008-03-06 05:47:10
to the self-hating american: grow up. you don't see Colombians, Russians, Chinese, Serbians, Nicaraguans, or anyone else apologizing for their givernment's wars and atrocities. anyway that pig Bush will be gone soon so lighten up.
2008-02-23 13:34:48
I'm an American. I'm sorry our leadership is so f*cked.
2008-01-14 10:58:23
Actually we should go home and leave them to their fate, then you see how fast they step up to the plate and fight for themselves
2008-01-13 01:10:10
Go Home, fucked killer's!