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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-03-29 23:19:30
Looks like my troll's comment's was above Mitch's comment and it was removed... this could be the original.
2009-03-29 08:02:59
Hey Poppy, look what resurfaced. Well it's not mine but it does look like a copy of the original
2008-10-13 17:03:13
Maybe a leash instead of a pistol?
2008-10-13 12:07:22
The tracks look abandoned. Where was this photo taken?
2008-10-13 08:11:10
Mother. Child. Child going down the wrong road, which in this case is a track. Get it now? It's a very good picture.
2008-10-11 15:54:47
2008-10-10 13:02:36