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Posted By:Robespierre

Old Comments:

2010-03-05 17:48:12
...and another one-comment-patito! LOL! But when patito did it (or DELETE comments and pics), it's OK for you, n'est ce pas ? Use your own name, patito!
2010-03-05 17:42:17
Ha-ha. How telling that patito UPvotes all HIS own comments before and DOWNvotes everyone else's!!! But you don't want to see THAT, right? AND you don't like to see that patito UPvote his top pics from 104 to 144 in seconds! "Living is easy with eyes closed!"
2010-03-05 13:47:36
Indeed..for someone who has gone on and on ad nauseam about free speech and democracy and some dictator muzzling the oppositon, that is exceedingly odd behaviour, n'est ce pas ?
2010-03-05 13:28:31
How telling it is that 'patito is a liar' UPvotes all his own comments and DOWNvotes everyone else's. All that in a vain effort to try to fool readers into believing that he's in the right and everyone else in the wrong. - Ha-ha.
2010-03-02 19:05:35
ONE DAY before his "best" photo has not 144 but 104 votes (and ALL of his top pics made that leap!!)!!! He upvoted it TWICE with a 20 vote boost! He pushed 160 pics to popular (from 130 to 290!) with his 20 vote power in just one day! You call it remarkable restraint, I call it "you should pay attention!"! Every of patitos offending troll pics get 20 votes at once in seconds when he upload them! You better watch out next time before writing your comments!!!
2010-03-02 15:24:52
here's one for ya.... Gotinha's "Autumn Splendor by Audra Lamoreaux" currently has 874 votes. But is not visible in the "Most Popular Ever" section nor will it show in the Recently Commented. But it is still on the server @ explain this one.
2010-03-02 15:01:43
I 100% agree with your comment re votes for Patito's uploads. I'm glad you added 'most' in your comment " photos of MOST of the top 50 or so posters...". I'm 16th in the rank; I have never received 300 votes, not even 200. Anyways, the ranking doesn't mean much, because it includes how many times a person posted photos, made comments and voted. You need to look at the statistics for each top posters to see what percentage of photos they posted actually became popular (more than 11 votes). Patito only has 24% of his uploads who got more than 11 votes!!! It's a fact - there is no room for argument in this - these statistics are there for everyone to see. So, I don't understand why 'patito is a liar' is going about this. He/she can see the facts like all of us.
2010-03-02 04:50:43
2010-03-02 03:45:47
This discussion prompted me to go to the top list where I looked at the best photos of most of the top 50 or so posters. The first thing I concluded from my visit was that the correlation between the number of positive votes a photo has received and its merit as either a document or a work of photographic art is close to zero. Then I made this surprising observation: most of the best photos of the top 50 or so posters have 300, 400, 600, some even as many as 800 votes.The best photo in Patito's file has, as of today, 144 votes. One would think that if he actually had the power to upvote his own photos, and did upvote his own photos, that his best photo would have as many votes as most of the other top posters. My conclusion, as a disinterested and objective observer, is that either Patito does not have the power to upvote his own photos, or, if he does, he has shown remarkable restraint. Please...if anyone has a reasonable rebuttal to this I hope you will state it in a calm and rational manner, and not engage in the kind of vitriolic and impassioned hysterics and accusations that have tended to characterize much of the discussion thus far. Thank you.
2010-03-02 01:34:30
One-comment-wanker "Brucephallus" again... "philosophical" MUAHAHAHA! You are a good comedian, patito!!!!! Give us more of your one-comment-losers, patito! Nobody will notice that it's you!!! :-P
2010-03-02 01:27:34
Yeah! First some one-comment-clowns, now patito's bootlicker "exeter"! Next one will be "Tuskegee"!!! LOL! "Nobody has to prove anything." THAT'S MY PATITO! A suspicion is enough to delete pictures!!! You are really a great dictator, patito! Who need proofs??? The only "source of amusement" is you patito, who mobilized four clones ("carlson, Cat Man Do, Portland Bill, exeter") to support yourself!!! "everyone here figured out". Ah! patito only have the obsession that all these people are just one person!!! And you naif believe him! If you are not patito, you are in the same manner an idiot!
2010-03-02 01:25:27
I didn't notice him crying. He seemed rather philosophical to me. You're the one having the tantrum anndthe hissey fit.
2010-03-02 01:13:26
p.s.: isn't it a strange thing that patito, who deleted several hundred pics of other users so far, started to cry like a little wimpy girl about his downvoted mediocre (troll-)pics? Than he gave over 160 of his own pics a 20 vote boost but told us "Some of us accept what happened and move on."!!!! After this he invented some one-comment-clowns ("carlson, Cat Man Do, Portland Bill") to support his own story and shout out loud that he is no liar!! Haha! FUNNY! :-)
2010-03-02 01:12:51
Nobody has to prove anything. This isn't a court of law. But pretty much everyone here figured out a long time ago that poppy-is-a-cheater and patito-out-of-pixdaus and all the rest are, in fact, King Louie, who is the present incarnation of Logan. Your continued denials would just further diminish your credibility if you had any credibility, which you don't. So they're essentially just a source of amusement. Okay...your turn to rant and rave and accuse me of being Patito.
2010-03-02 01:03:21
Sorry! I should say "proof"! Cause all the "proofs" were fantastic jokes so far! :)
2010-03-02 00:59:12
Really? It's so funny, cause than you know more than me, dear one-comment-clown "Portland Bill"! What is YOUR proof today?
2010-03-02 00:45:17
Come off it, King Louie. We all know it's you.
2010-03-02 00:36:25
Dear patito-clone, "how would he know anything about the photos in their files" BECAUSE I HAVE EYES TO SEE!!!! patito talked so often about these two users that I went to their profiles and WATCH!!!! I am wondering that you don't complain about the fact that patito deleted over 200 of their pics but about this bagatelle! Someone is lying and I think it's patito!
2010-03-02 00:08:32
The person accusing Patito of deleting Logan's and King Louie's pics has repeatedly and fervently denied that he is either of those users. Yet, if he were not, how would he know anything about the photos in their files ? Somone is lying and I don't think it's Patito.
2010-03-01 23:18:18
Oooohh, poor lying patito! "If one were to go to my files they would see many, many pages that are either blank" That's because your pictures are CRAP! But meanwhile you upvote ALL the rest of your mediocre pics with over 20 votes each! So stop crying, asshole! "Some of us accept what happened and move on." YOU LYING PIECE OF SHIT!!!! You don't accept! You go and DELETE pictures of other users!! You delete the pics of KL and now you upload them again as "exeter" and "RobesPIERRE"!!! You are the greatest dishonest asshole ever!!!
2010-03-01 07:33:14
ademir take from everyones portfolios - is he patito
2010-03-01 02:24:16
In fact, quite a few of us have lost lots of photos from our files over the past several weeks. Some have lost dozens, some have lost hundreds. If one were to go to my files they would see many, many pages that are either blank or have only one or two photos on them. I don't know what happened to all those photos that disappeared, or why they vanished, and neither does anyone else. Some of us accept what happened and move on. Some people feel compelled to point the finger of accusation at other users. That says a lot more about the person doing the accusing than it does about the accused.
2010-02-28 21:22:12
How could anyone delete this picture ? It's just too beautiful ! It's the best picture of a peacock I've ever seen....
2010-02-28 21:05:57
Uploaded two or three weeks ago by King Loiue but deleted by patito! Isn't it strange that ALL of Robespierres pics were taken from KLs and Logans portfolio?? patito deleted over 200 (!) of Logan5 and King Loiue's pics but parts of these deleted pics suddenly appear again by "exeter" and now "Robespierre"! WHAT A COINCIDENCE...
2010-02-28 16:00:42
I've never seen a picture of a peacock with the feathers down like this, it's a bridal train.